Monday, June 17, 2013

wood burned blocks

My daughter Lucy loves to to build and stack things (blocks, legos, boxes, etc) so I couldn't resist making her some unique blocks. With just a few simple supplies I was able to create a whimsical little city that she loves to play with!

1. We do a lot of DIY projects around here and that means we have all kinds of scrap wood! I started by digging through our stash of bits and pieces and found a variety of different shapes and sizes. TIP- don't have scrap wood laying around? Try heading to your local lumber yard or home improvement store and dig through their scrap bin- typically located in the lumber aisle. Often they will sell them to you cheap or free if you ask nice!

2. Next I sanded all the rough edges and spots.

3. I pulled out my wood burning tool and let it heat up. Yes, I could have used paint or even pens but I love the look and feel of the burned wood- its something you cannot replicate with any other material.

4. I went to work drawing whimsical little houses and buildings with my wood burning tool. WORD OF WARNING- it can be a slow process to "draw" into wood and depending on the type of wood and the grain, it can be challenging.

The result is a set of wonderful and whimsical blocks perfect for a kiddo or even an adult!

Looking for more wood burning projects?


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